Art Education

We run creative workshops for children in our local region (Shoalhaven/Wodi Wodi & Yuin) and beyond, with a focus on small groups, high quality art materials. We believe that children should be able to experience the ‘feedback’ a quality art material gives when making art – it makes a difference! Rather than come at it from a teacher’s perspective, we are professional artists with over 20years practice – we focus on mark making, not being perfect, and playing with the materials. We don’t want children to all end up with the same work as a finished piece. We all have a mark to make, and an individual voice. We have the brilliant Nicole Smede (Worimi) as our poet in residence, available to facilitate poetry workshops for Infants & Primary students, through to High School. Nicole’s poetry workshops are a wonderful compliment to our mark making visual art workshops.

After school workshops are held at The Art Shed Berry and can be booked here

For creative workshops at schools, please contact us via our Contact page