Collator is a collaborative group of like minded creatives working together to bring a range of skills to deliver;

  • Art education for children and youth
  • Art workshops for adults
  • Graphic design services
  • Murals & Illustration 

We work across graphic design, illustration & murals. Our working week might include  art workshops & mural making with pre-schoolers, workshops with primary school children to tell a story and design a book, a branding project, colour palette selections, making documents spunkier & easier to read, painting an illustration on a shop window, or up a scissor lift painting a mural.

We love the diversity of our work as it helps keep the creative juices flowing. We take our work seriously but are big believers that personality must carry through with our clients and projects – we are real people and we want to share laughs with you when we work together!

Try and curb our enthusiasm – you will likely fail!